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What if you could be free of all allergy symptoms with

no needles,

no shots,

no drugs,

no pills and

no avoidance!

Play with the cat.

According to The World Health Organization, allergies are the most common chronic disease condition effecting more than 50% of populations in developed nations.  The Centers for Disease Control has referred to the high incidence of allergies as the 21st century epidemic.  

Be with the pollen.

At Allergy Free Flagstaff we


Advanced Allergy Therapeutics

provides a safe and effective treatment for those who suffer from eczema, asthma, food, pet and environmental allergies and enables the body to adapt and respond appropriately to the outside world.  

specialize in eliminating the symptoms of allergies and sensitivities. We use a clinically-proven treatment called Advanced Allergy Therapeutics to identify the allergens that cause the body to react defensively and to arrest the defensive reaction of the body.

Eat the ice cream

Eat the food.

Pet the cat.

Breathe the air.

Play with the dog.

Roll in the grass.

Walk in the woods.

 Call today to find out how you can become allergy free.


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